Refreshing & Cool

  • Natural peppermint essential confo liquide 1200

    Natural peppermint essential confo liquide 1200

    Confo liquide is your essential oil and sense of refreshing relief . Confo liquide is a health product series that center natural mint oil and it’s supplemented by other products made from natural animal and plant extract. These products have inherited the traditional Chinese herb culture and are supplement by modern Chinese technology. Confo liquide is 100% natural, extracted from camphor wood, mint, camphor, eucalyptus, cinnamon and menthol. The purpose of the product is for relaxation and to soothe your muscles, refresh your energy, motion sickness, loose your nose stuck, anti mosquito &mosquito bite, relieve headache & toothache. Prominent effects, wide applicability, unique external features and perennial usage make it a big hit in west Africa. The product natural mint fragrance makes it pleasant to the body and nose.

  • Anti-fatigue confo liquide(960)

    Anti-fatigue confo liquide(960)

    CONFO LIQUIDE product have inherited the traditional Chinese herb culture & it is supplemented by modern technology.Which makes our business to spread to more than 30 countries & regions. Besides that, we have subsidiaries, R&D institutions & production bases in many parts of the world.

    The colour of the product is light green liquid, extracted from natural plants such as Camphor wood, mint et cetera. Current monthly production is 8,400,000 Pieces. With its specific smell, cool & spicy, the product has great effect on dispelling mosquitoes, relieving itches, cooling & relieving hurts. The prominent effects, wide applicability, unique external features & perennial usage makes it lead in the African Market, The United Sates of America Market, European Market & the Asian Market. Not only that but also being the leading brand in the industry.

  • Refreshning confo inhaler superbar

    Refreshning confo inhaler superbar

    Confo Superbar is a type of inhaler made from traditional animal and plant extractive. Product composition is made of menthol, eucalyptus oil and borneol. The product has inherited the traditional Chinese herb culture and is supplemented by modern technology. This composition distinguish Confo Super bar from other products on the market. The product has a mint fragrance and gives pleasant smell to the nose. Confo Superbar helps relieve you of headache, fatigue, anxiety, motion sickness, hypoxia, air sickness, stuffy nose, discomfort, dizziness. The product weighs 1g with 6 different colors, there are 6 pieces on a hanger, 48 pieces in a box and 960 pieces in a carton. Confo Superbar continues to be the best selling product in the Africa market. Choose Confo Superbar as your choice of relief.

  • Anti-pain massage cream yellow confo herbal balm

    Anti-pain massage cream yellow confo herbal balm

    Confo Balm is not just any small balm, is made of mentholum, camphora, vaseline, methyl salicylate, cinnamon oil, thymol, which separate the product from other balms in the market. This has made Confo balm one of our best selling product in west Africa . These products have inherited the Chinese herb culture and Chinese modern technology. How the product works; the active components of Confo Balm is extracted from plants and held together by cinnamon oil. These extractives are believed to relieve pain by briefly inducing a sensation of discomfort and serving as a distraction from the pain. The product is used to treat swelling and pain, external headache, stimulate blood, itchy skin and backache. Confo balm is often used for the relief of a variety of types of pain, back pain, joint pain, stiffness, sprains and arthritis pain. The product comes as a cream that is applied superficially to the area of pain and absorbed through skin. This product is manufactured by Sino Confo Group the manufacture of all confo products.

  • Cool & refreshing cream confo pommade

    Cool & refreshing cream confo pommade

    Dealing with pain and discomfort? You are not alone.

    Confo Pommade, your essential and sense of relief cream. The product has inherited Chinese herbal medicine and modern technology. Confo pommade is 100% natural; the product is extracted from camphora, mint and eucalyptus. The product active ingredients are made up of menthol, Camphora, Vaseline, methyl salicylate, eugenol, menthol oil. Camphor and menthol are counterirrantants. Counterirrants suppress the feeling of pain and relief you of any discomfort. The purpose of the product is to help relieve you of sprain pain, reduce swelling, dizziness, itchy skin and motion sickness. The product is also for relaxation, to soothe your muscles, refresh your energy and fast penetrating relief. The product super potent formula penetrates skin deeply to soothe pain in muscles and discomfort.